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Wanted: Defective Raspberry Pi

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I am looking for defective (non-working) Raspberry Pi units.

One of each:

  • Pi 0 - any flavor (no header - please)
  • Pi 1 Model A (I know it is obsolete, but the new Model 3 A+ is the same layout)
  • P1 2 or 3 (any flavor)

All standard components need to be present.

I am looking for defective, non-working, units to use as physical models to help with future project designs.


I don't want to damage mine during "how does it fit" handling.

I don't want to pay for a non-working piece of garbage, but I will pay for reasonable shipping from US locations to Northern California.

If the location is in the Silicon Valley, or other select NorCal locations, then maybe instead of shipping maybe we can meet up and I'll pay for lunch :thumbsup:

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