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Games Beaten In 2019!

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69. In Your Face (Game Boy)


Still as terrible as it was in 2016F.


70. Go Go Ackman (SNES)


Competent but overrated platformer that gets a lot of love because of its irreverent subject matter and nice graphics. Those things can't substitute for well-polished stage design, though. C.


71. I Want My Mommy (Atari 2600)


I had a harder time figuring out why my character wasn't moving (answer: the opening tune wasn't finished yet, and the sound was muted) than beating this sad excuse for a sad excuse. Did anyone who bought this back in the day explore a class-action lawsuit? They'd have had a case. F.

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I stopped posting a few months back, but still kept a log of everything I beat. Here is a list of the 68 games I beat this year along with a few games i beat on co op for the first time. The picture is of my Xeno Crisis score since that was the last game of the year beat!


1. Real bout level 8 1cc
2. Jaws nes
3. Narc nes
4. Operation wolf nes
5. Cabal nes
6. Popeye nes
7. Xenophobe nes
8. Tournament fighters SNES
9. City connection nes
10. Barbie nes
11. Kung fu nes
12. Double dragon 2 supreme master nes
13. Double dragon nes
14. King of fighters 2003 level 8
15. Scat nes
16. Backyard wrestling ps2
17. Xmen mutant Academy ps1
18. Power Blade expert mode nes
19. Samurai shodown SNES
20. Guilty gear X ps2
21. Guilty gear x2 ps2
22. Guilty gear xrd rev 2 hard ps4
23. Capcom fighting evolution hard ps2
24. Mickeys safari in letterland nes
25. Jackal nes
26. Rush n attack nes
27. Dragon spirit nes
28. Star fox SNES
29. Wakeboarding unleashed ps2
30. Fatal frame ps2
31. Gradius nes
32. Astro bot ps4
33. Sonic mania switch
34. Home ps4
35. Golden axe 2 genesis
36. Darkstalkers 2 arcade
37. Batman returns snes mania
38. The inpatient psvr
39. Kof 98 ps2 1cc level 4
40. Pirates of dark water snes hard
41. Kabuki quantam fighter nes 1cc
42. Xena n64
43. Vice project doom nes
44. Fight night round 3 ps2 41-0 hard
45. The itchy and Scratchy game snes
46. Land before time return to the great valley ps1
47. The Rocketeer nes
48. StarTropics nes
49. Walt disney world racing ps1
50. Secret ties famicom 1cc
51. Links Awakening Switch
52. Rescue rangers nes
53. A Hole New World ps4 1cc
54. Power Rangers Fighting Edition SNES hard 1cc
55. Shovel Knight ps4
56. Real Bout Fatal Fury 2 the Newcomers level 8 1cc
57. River city girls hard mode good ending
58. Mega man 3
59. Mega Man 2 difficult
60. Karnov nes
61. Mega man 4
62. Dkc3 103%
63. Bloodstained Curse of the Moon veteran normal campaign
64. Gyruss nes
65. Scooby doo unmasked ps2
66. Wrestlemania 2000 easy
67. Captain Skyhawk nes
68. Xeno Crisis 1cc


Co OP games beat
Super c
Double dragon 2
Scat nes
Ninja saviours ps4

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