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Mini-Game: Snow Flakes 2018 (Happy New Year everyone)

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Sorry, unlike last year I was unable to finish this game on Christmas Eve, however I decided to use Snow Flakes to celebrate New Years Instead.
For Fans of the Original Snow Flakes (2017) you'll be happy to know this version of the game is vastly superior in every way.
  1. The background isn't as empty and includes an Igloo
  2. The Paddle from before is now replaced with a Sled
  3. The Paddle controller is now supported (and recommended)
  4. Up to Two snow flakes at a time
  5. 5 Phases with each one becoming more difficult
  6. From Day to Night. The sky becomes darker the more phases you conquer
  7. Highscore is Saved

Here's how to Play:

  • Fire Button to Start
  • Reset to go back to Menu
  • Color Switch to Change Controls (Color = Joystick and B/W = Paddle)
  • Left Difficulty Switch to change the size of your Sled
  • Right Difficulty Switch to change how many flakes appear at a time
  • Pro Tip: Phases change depending on time, not how many snow flakes you catch. 1st Phase is 30 seconds, and then the next one increases by another 30 seconds, so Phase 2 is 60 seconds, and the 3rd is 90 etc...

Hope you enjoy, and of course have a great New Year :-D







Edit: I tried to upload this before 2019, however I was in such a rush I forgot to add the .bin file :P


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@Karl G: Never thought of it like that. Wow :-o


@MemberAtarian There's always next year, and plenty to improve. However it's time for me to work on serious projects now ;)

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First rom of the new year, then? :)

yeah with a 2:19am time stamp on it (on my end) it looks like it!!

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We'll be featuring Snow Flakes 2018 on the ZeroPage Homebrew stream this Wednesday on Twitch at 11AM PT/2PM ET 6PM PT/9PM ET (UPDATED TIME)! Hope everyone can tune in to watch us play!

Twitch Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/zeropagehomebrew/

Games on Wednesday:
Dare Devil (2019 WIP) by Muddyfunster
Chaotic Grill (2018 WIP Update) by splendidnut
Shark Jaws + (2019 WIP) by winkdot
Snow Flakes 2018 (2019) by Lolkiu64
Tumble Temple (2019 WIP) by bluswimmer






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