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Vixen 357: Strategy RPG now available for pre-order

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Howdy. Welcome to 2019, everybody.

So to kick off the new year, I'm happy to announce that we @ Super Fighter Team have partnered with extreme Co., Ltd. and an independent development team to bring an English language version of Vixen 357 to market: on a new cartridge, with color cardstock box & instructions, much like we've done with our previous 5 games for the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive. It's available for pre-order now.

Check it out @ www.vixen357.com

Game will ship later this year, we'll keep everyone informed via our [email protected] account. Important updates will also be shared here, in this thread.
As I may not be able to swing by the forum very often, please feel welcome to contact me directly with any questions: [email protected]

Thanks for your attention. Have a nice day.

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I'm interested in this, and I have a few questions.


Can you share any more details about who you are working with to translate this?


Is this a new translation of the game, or does it use the same patch that has been available on sites like romhacking.net for several years?
If it is the one from Romhacking.net, are the people who made that patch affiliated with this release?
Has anything else about the game been changed/localized for this release of the game?

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We've partnered with Nebulous Translations. It's great to be working with them, this group is very passionate about the game.

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