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Personal childhood collection of original Atari 2600 Activision achievement patches + corresponding game in professional shadow boxes:


- Roadbusters / Enduro

- Supreme Starmaster + Leader / Starmaster

- River Raiders / River Raid

- Decathlon GOLD (very RARE) / Decathlon

- Explorers Club / Pitfall!

- Cliff Hangers / Pitfall II (RARE)

- Sky Stars / Sky Jinks

- Chopper Commandos / Chopper Command


Sorry for the glass glare. I could photograph without the glass but prefer not to remove.


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Here are the individual values based on what they are going for on eBay. I would really prefer to keep the set together but, based on interest, will begin looking at splitting the set a part and listing on eBay soon. I will consider all reasonable offers on the set.


- Roadbusters patch $65 / Enduro game $4
- Supreme Starmaster patch $40 + Leader patch $11 / Starmaster game $4
- River Raiders patch $50 / River Raid game $4

- Decathlon GOLD patch (very RARE) ??? *see note*/ Decathlon game $8

- Explorers Club patch $50 / Pitfall! game $7
- Cliff Hangers patch (RARE) $180 / Pitfall II game $20+
- Sky Stars patch $18 / Sky Jinks game $5
- Chopper Commandos patch $20 / Chopper Command game $4


*note on Decathlon Gold patch: this patch is VERY RARE. I have been watching for some time and have not found one available or sold to determine proper value. The Decathlon Bronze patch sells for $40. The Decathlon Silver sells for $420. One could expect the Gold to sell for much more.

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That's really nice! Did you have a price in mind?

I replied below with information that could help you make an offer. Thank you.

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I love the way you've chosen to display your patches. That looks fantastic. Good luck with your sale.

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This needs to be moved to the Marketplace.

How do I move it? Sorry, newbie here.


Also, where is the Marketplace?

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