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What have you actually PLAYED tracker for 2019 (Season 12)

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Here are my times for this past week (July 8th through 14th)...


Mattel Aquarius:

Burger TIme - 28 min.


Atari 2600:

Boulder Dash (Demo?) - 10 min.

Burger Time - 159 min. in 3 sessions



Burger Time - 10 min.

Q*Bert - 20 min


Commodore 64:

Burger Time 1997 - 31 min.



Burger Time - 61 min.



Burger Time - 20 min.


This week I mainly played various versions of Burger Time in order to compare them to ChaoticGrill on the Atari 2600, also to compare how well the music is translated. The most challenging one actually seems to be the Atari 2600 version although I didn't try to finish the Mattel Aquarius version.

While at it, on the Colecovision I also played a game of Q*Bert which lasted 20 minutes, and on the Atari 2600 I also played Boulder dash... this is the version "BoulderDash100.bin" which is probably a demo since as far as I know the finished version was never released. I didn't manage to get through the 1st level... I guess you have to somehow create the diamonds you're suppose to collect by interacting with walls, but I don't exactly know how.



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Just like with Thegoldenband, no minutes for me this week. For an unknown reason I wasted most of my spare time on YouTube...

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ATARI 2600:

Draconian - 40 minutes

Mappy - 105 minutes

Squish 'Em - 7 minutes


ATARI 7800:

Pac-Man Collection - 73 minutes




1) My Mappy gameplay footage recorded via camera (final video for 2019 Harmony Games)


2) My Pac-Man Collection gameplay footage recorded via camera (Pac-Man, Plus OFF, Fast ON, 3 lives and Cherries)


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Just one with any time to speak of this week...



Neutopia - 89 min (This was another stream.  Started a new game and did the first two dungeons.  Didn't play much longer after that as it was getting late.  Probably going to play more of it this week.  We'll see.)

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Well, it's pretty much PDP week here and it's going to stay that way for a bit.



Barmen - 20 minutes

Dungeon - 74 minutes

Tetris - 104 minutes

Super Star Trek - 55 minutes



Omega Race - 22 minutes


So, after a bunch of digging around I found that some of the old classics - Zork and Tetris - had some amount of start in the PDP-7 and PDP-11s, neat-o.


Barmen is Tapper except I can't figure out how to actually get it to play... it started working somehow but I still have no idea, maybe another time? Dungeon is pre-Infocom Zork and neat at that, my build is from '78 anyways and plays just nicely under RT-11 - I couldn't get it to run for the longest time, turns out I just needed to go back from v5.7 of the OS to v5.3 as it takes up less RAM, whoops. Tetris is Tetris, I never knew but the Electronika 60 that it was made on is just a Soviet clone of either a LSI-11/03 or -11/23 down to even running RT-11, so yeah it just worked fine for me as I'm using a -11/23+ with RT-11 as my only operating system. I pulled up Super Star Trek, I'm just starting to get the game but it's definitely fun even if I don't get it half the time. Reminds me of the Compucolor version, probably the same game with some changes, but I'd have to take the Compucolor out to actually tell if that's any true. Finally the VIC comes up with Omega Race which is just fun so I don't have much else to say on it.


So yeah, as I said above, basically just a PDP week for me - I should be getting a disk controller in the mail tomorrow which could run something like four floppy drives and another four MFM hard drives once I get the breakout board for it. I'd love to have actual hard disk storage so I could start trying things like UNIX - at the moment I'm using an emulated serial-based tape drive, but with this thing using old Winchester disks I'm a bit weary about buying in as the price seems insane on most of these Seagates - so I need to look into drive emulators soon here.


Expect some X68000 for next week as I'm getting three more in that I found super cheap to fix up, one will be a birthday gift for a coworker who's wanted one and the other two will probably be sold to fund my new thing for minicomputers as I already own more than enough 68Ks and should honestly be cutting down on them instead of getting more.

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speleng is good
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Final Star Force (arcade) 10 mins
Daioh (arcade) 45 mins turns out Gekioh: Shooting King is related (a port?) to this game. This version does seem a bit harder but I still like it.
Sorcer Striker (arcade) 75 mins I love this game. I always play as Miyamoto (the dragon).
Mega Bomberman (Genesis) 25 min Amazing game! One weird thing though is that the music slows down when you use the minecart.
Ultimate Doom (PC (DOS)) 45 mins

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Times for the week:


NES Tetris for HSC 88 mins. Score of 454,791


Atari 2600:

Breakout 13 mins. Scored 864 each tome

egomania 38 mins. Best 80,000 once

kaboom 20mins. 

solar Fox 105 mins. 

All fun. 

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Darkwood (Nintendo Switch) - 1,005 minutes

Fox n Forests (Nintendo Switch) - 280 minutes

Outlast II (Nintendo Switch) - 155 minutes

Pac-Man Vs. (Played on Namco Museum Arcade Pac for Nintendo Switch) - 15 minutes

PAW Patrol: On a Roll! (Nintendo Switch) - 60 minutes



Pac-Man (Played on Namco Museum Arcade Pac for Nintendo Switch) - 25 minutes


Dedicated Handheld

World's Smallest Tiny Arcade: Pac-Man - 21 minutes


Sega CD

AH-3 Thunderstrike - 44 minutes



Total Video Game Play Time This Week

1,605 minutes (26 hours 45 minutes) [90 minutes eligible]


Individual System Play Times This Week

Nintendo Switch: 1,515 minutes

Sega CD: 44 minutes

Arcade: 25 minutes

Dedicated Handheld 21 minutes

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Here's the summary for Week 28, running from July 8 - 14. We logged 1726 minutes of eligible play, playing 31 games on a total of 16 systems.

Top 10:


1. Burgertime (Atari 2600) - 159 min.

2. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 145 min.
3. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain (PlayStation) - 140 min.
4. Mappy (Atari 2600) - 105 min.
4. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 105 min.
6. Tetris (Alexsey Pajitnov 1984) (PDP-11) - 104 min.
7. Neutopia (TG-16/PC Engine) - 89 min.
8. Tetris (NES/Famicom) - 88 min.
9. Sorcer Striker (Arcade) - 75 min.
10. Dungeon (pre-Infocom Zork) (PDP-11) - 74 min.


Pre-NES top 10:

1. Burgertime (Atari 2600) - 159 min.
2. Kaboom! (Atari 2600) - 145 min.
3. Mappy (Atari 2600) - 105 min.
3. Solar Fox (Atari 2600) - 105 min.
5. Tetris (Alexsey Pajitnov 1984) (PDP-11) - 104 min.
6. Dungeon (pre-Infocom Zork) (PDP-11) - 74 min.
7. Pac-Man Collection (Atari 7800) - 73 min.
8. BurgerTime (Intellivision) - 61 min.
9. Super Star Trek (PDP-11) - 55 min.
10. Draconian (Atari 2600) - 40 min.


Top 10 systems:

1. Atari 2600 (622)
2. PDP-11 (253)
3. Arcade (155)
4. PlayStation (140)
5. TG-16/PC Engine (89)
6. NES/Famicom (88)
7. Atari 7800 (73)
8. Intellivision (61)
9. PC (DOS) (45)
10. Sega CD (44)


Welll, well... This week had an unusually low turnout - probably many on vacations or otherwise busy (yes, I binge watched too much nonsense YouTube videos so I'm part to blame). To find Burgertime (though the 2600 version) and Kaboom! at the top perhaps is not so shocking, but to find the PDP-11 the second most played system this week surely is! It even occupies three spots in the pre-NES list. Somehow I doubt we'll ever see that again when the competition grows stronger. As you'll notice, I moved Jin's Tiny Arcade minutes to the modern tracker as I wasn't certain it contained a full arcade emulation or reimplementations, that made a difference of 25 minutes.


No new entries on the 1000 Minute Club, but we finally reached 9000 games with minutes tracked on them. I believe Barmen on the PDP-11 may have been the 9000th. At the end I have added a few 0 minute entries, games where the sequel was played or games loaded but wouldn't run, which brings the total list up to 9006 named games.


If anyone forgot to post their minutes, of course I'll add them for next week!

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Ugh, I didn’t have a chance to report in time so I’m partly responsible for the low numbers. Here’s what I would have reported...




Bomb Squad - 210 minutes


My 13 yo loves this game and built a program to optimize determining the correct digit. 

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