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What Colecovision games have demo play?

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Do you mean like when arcade machines have  "attract mode" to get people walking by interested in playing the game, it shows a demo of the game. I don't think any CV games have that, because the game stays on the menu screen until you select a level and difficulty to start the game. And I think some if not all CV games glitch out if you wait on the menu screen too long without selecting a level and difficulty.  I know some 2600 games like Space Invaders and Ms. Pac man do have an attract mode. And Sonic 2 for Genesis does as well. 

Some homebrew games definitely have an attract mode, but they were developed using modern technology, and given the constraints of rom chips at the time, they didn't want to spend the money and development time for extra features like that. 

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There are a number of CV Legacy games that go into demo/attract mode if a game isn't started. I don't think any Coleco releases, but definitely a couple 3rd Party releases do as well as a growing number of Homebrew releases.

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