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LumaBoost in bB example

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Here's a first draft of LumaBoost in bB, it can be used for other things to as it allows you to change graphics and colors very easily.

I will continue to update it and make it more usefull.


Hopefully someone figures this out so we don't have to do all the overlap checking again.

I made the LumaBoost very exagerated so it's noticable.




LumaBoost example 2019-02-05.bas



OLD VERSION: using the same high pointer didn't work for all players

LumaBoost example 2019-01-10.bas

LumaBoost example 2019-01-10.bas.bin

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Is LumaBoost the name of a game or a technique? If it is a technique what does it do? Can it be applied to non- DPC+ games?


I did try to read through the code before asking :)



UPDATE: After some Google searching it looks like a flicker management system that uses a brighter version of a sprite to offset flickering. I'd guess you'd have to double the brightness if a sprite is on-screen half the time.

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Thomas came up with it back in 2012 while we were working on Stay Frosty 2:

What is the color limit of the objects (presents, extras etc.)? It seems like they can only have two colors, right? Can those two colors be used at any line or is there just one color transition point (looks so)?

Also, why do the fires only have one color?

Also I think it would help to increase the hue while the objects flicker.

I took to calling it LumaBoost and have used it in Stay Frosty 2 and Draconian. In Stay Frosty 2 the bump in luma starts with 2 and increases if flicker increases, in Draconian it's always a bump of 2. Space Rocks was finalized just days before so doesn't use it (I was most likely out of ROM space). John's been using the technique for his projects as well, I see references to it in our discussions for Scramble and Mappy.


One thing to be careful of is to not use colors ending with $xE or $xF, otherwise a boost results in the darkest luma of the next color.

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Is this for DPC+? You didn't mention what kernel was used. If it is DPC+ then could we get an example for the Standard Kernel?

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