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IntyBASIC compiler v1.4.1: reloaded with new features

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I know I'll find out the answer to this by experimentation, but I thought I'd ask ahead of time and save some effort.


Does PLAY SIMPLE still play all the ECS channels, leaving only SOUND 2 available, or does it leave SOUND 7 available as well?  Would there then be 6 or 7 arguments for MUSIC?  Same goes for NO DRUMS.  Is it possible to have percussion for one sound chip and not the other?


I'm asking because I'm planning to have SOUND 2 be available to play both a tone and noise for a sound effect, while all the other channels and the other percussion are put to use.  Thank you for your time.

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In ECS mode:


PLAY SIMPLE leaves SOUND 2 and 7 available.


PLAY SIMPLE NO DRUMS also ceases to play drums in both chips.


Didn't think on that. Sorry! I'll devise something for next version.


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Just noticed in the manual for IntyBASIC v1.4.1 that I did a mistake, I described BITMAP REVERSE, when the right thing is BITMAP INVERSE.


The compiler is right, the posts in this thread are right, but only the included manual has this slight mistake.


Just heads up. I know that no one ever reads the manuals :P

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