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Mike Harris

Pointers, Pointers, Pointers

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Remember kids, there is a huge difference between XYZ and (XYZ) in Assembly and other programing languages.

I sat for hours staring at my code until I took a break.


That's the other tip...

Walk away from your code for a couple of hours instead of getting frustrated.

I had one issue that I wanted to punch the monitor so I took a day's rest and ended up reevaluating my code, rewrote the part needed and it was more compact, more precise and worked better.

Today I ran into the same problem which came down to a pointer.


I wanted to evaluate if two sprites were colliding and instead I ended up comparing garbage. WHY, WHY, WHY!!!
It is not my code, it must be the assembler. @$%@$%$%$%@$%@

So in the end I should have pointed to SpriteTable+1 and SpriteTable+2 but ended up pointing to (SpriteTable+1) and (SpriteTable+2)


Hopefully this will be a great tip for up and coming programmers.


Now, I have collision detection for all actors in the game. Actors being NPC and loot.

Rom is now 7.93k before optimization, sound data, test and debug if any.

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I'm a crap programmer, but I still recognize the advice about walking away from the computer is good (and applies to a lot of computer-user situations).


I recall my Dad telling me that many years back. It really does help.


The first hint that you need to take a break is when you try to think and thoughts just won't form. Sort of a kind of stunned brain-freeze brought on by fatigue.

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OK, taking tomorrow off to do some house work or my wife will beat my %%% but this time it will not be because I asked her too, Giggity.



I have reached my goals to the point where I can take 5.

I have successfully picked up objects from one room and placed them in another.


They are in the same exact spot where I left them.


For you budding programmers out there this is the table I created


Room #, X, Y and Carried by? Player 1, NPC 2 or None 0


001, 150, 200, 0

002, 020, 040, 0


And so on.


After you define objects in Ram with


objects: DS 4


Then you need to initialize RAM with starting values such as Starting Room, Starting X,Y


You can then load values on the fly as in

LD A, Room #

LD (objects), A


LD (objects+1), A


LD (objects+2), A

LD A, 0

LD (objects+3), A


Once I put in NPC logic any one of the NPC's can grab the treasure by placing 2 in (objects+3)



For this game I have enough RAM despite being 1k.
If I plan to expand and need more I can change the data down to bits or share a byte or 2.

Such as Room 40+127 would be Room 40 + Player Carry or 40+128 would be Room 40 + NPC Carry.


You get the idea.


Save space if you need to for larger games in order to use a stock Colecovision.



There you go.... I learn something, you learn something.

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