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Sega CD Model 2 and Dreamcast Repairs

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Can anyone around here fix my Sega CD model 2? It keeps telling me to initialize the ram, and I left it running for four hours once. It's a telltale sign that the internal battery inside the Sega CD had gone bad, and I was wondering if anyone can fix it.

Also the fuse hasn't gone out on my sega CD model 2 but I think's going to one of these days, so can anyone replace it?

Lastly I am having problems with my dreamcast always needing the clock changed. I'll need the battery inside the console replaced on that one too. And maybe the fuse, although I've unplugged and plugged in controllers so many times while it was turned on. I'm worried that would be a problem and was hoping that if the fuse was replaced that problem would never come to reality for me.

I will pay for shipping, and I'm not sure what the charges are for the repairs.

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