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Ti99dir - CF card limited to 2621 DSK images?

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So I bought two 4 GB compact flash cards for the nanoPEB I recently purchased. After formatting them within Ti99dir, it tells me that there are 2621 volumes available. However, based on the information provided in the CF geometry option in the nanoPEB's menu, it's telling me there is space available for 4883 volumes. This would seem to jive with the documentation on the nanoPEB site which explains that you need to divide the capacity of the CF card (in my case, 3,999,137,729) by 819,200. This results in 4881.76. Now granted, I'm sure I'll have difficulty filling the card with that many disk images, but I am curious to know if this 2621 volume limitation is due to Ti99dir or something else.


Now as for the CF cards - I bought a Verbatim and a SanDisk. Per the note in the nanoPEB manual, it states that SanDisk and Kingston work best and that due to timing issues, not all CF cards will work. Sure enough, the nanoPEB doesn't recognize the Verbatim card, sometimes corrupting it (the first volume, apparently) with some oddball garbage characters, requiring it to be reformatted. The SanDisk initially had this problem too, but after some perseverance, I was able to get it to work. Ti99dir is able to read from and write to it fine. I've even copied files back to my PC and verified that they weren't corrupted. The card only gets corrupted after the nanoPEB has tried to access it. Has anyone else had any luck with a Verbatim CF card?

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