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Hardball - Title Screen

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Adding back in the title screen from the disk version, which Atari took out for their XE Cartridge release.


I'm using the XEX conversion, which doesn't include the simple Atari title screen from the XE cartridge release (another XEX version out there includes it).


This is a lightly enhanced title screen, which changes some fonts, changes some colors, and adds some colors (+4). I'm also working on a more fully enhanced version, which will include a lot of edits for the graphics and a lot of color addition/changes.


The PAL version has the colors optimized for PAL on the title screen only. I don't think the game itself considers PAL color differences. I may look into changing colors for PAL on the in-game later.


[attachment=615189:HardBall (Title, NTSC).xex]


[attachment=615190:HardBall (Title, PAL).xex]



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