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Bunch of 2600 carts, all with manuals and a jr console

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I have a bunch of 2600 carts with manuals:
pole position
ice hockey
space invaders
chopper command
maze craze
laser blast
river raid


Also have a 2600 jr console. Looks to be in good shape but dont get any video.


open to offers or trades

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Well, most people here will probably already have all of those things, so you may need to provide more info to make a sale.


Who are you?  Do you have any history/reputation on other e-commerce sites that you can reference?

Where are you located?  People come to this board from all over the world

Do you have any pictures?

Do you have a price in mind?  AtariAge usually buys and sells BELOW what things go for on Ebay.  Give us a starting point from your perspective.

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Hey there, wfg97079!


You may wanna provide more information. Overall, it's good etiquette, on AtariAge, to post what you want for it and then also mention 'open to offers'. If you wanna 'just see what you can get for it' you're better off on Ebay--- I find most sellers-- unless they have something people REALLY want-- won't sell the things they have unless they at least post what they're looking for it.

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