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Various Chips & Parts

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Most of it is for commodore (64 & Amiga.) The DDR sticks are for PC. Some of the first few chips were bought as replacements for an Amiga Emplant card. Hate having to buy several when only 1 is needed :(



*** RAM ***

Commodore 128 64k VDC drop-in upgrade $10
50-pin SCSI in-line terminator $5
Kylwalda Floppy adapter & autoswitch for Catweasel $20
Cyclone Floppy Dongle $10
VLab video Capture card v1.3 (zorro II) $20
A64 adapter (complete) $20

5x Amic A29040B-70F Non-Volotile 512K Flash RAM $2 each
8x ISSI IS61C512-15J 64K static RAM $2 each
2x Kingston KHX8500D2 1G DDR2-1066 SDRAM $3 each
1x 512MB DDR2-667 SDRAM $2
16x Fujitsu MB81C4256A-60P 128K Dynamic RAM $2 each


*** Chips ***
2x Zilog Z85C3008PSC Serial Chip $4 each
1x Ecliptek EC1100 3.6864 Mhz crystal oscillator $3
1x Motorola MC68000P8 8 Mhz CPU $3
1x Commodore 391304-01 Kickstart 2.05 (v37.300) chip $5
1x WD33C93A-PL SCSI Chip $10
1x Set of v6.6 A590/A2091 ROM chips $5
1x Set of v7.0 A590/A2091 ROM chips $10
1x Commodore 318018-02 C128 LO BASIC Chip $5
1x Commodore 318019-02 C128 HI BASIC Chip $5
1x Commodore 318020-03 C128 Kernel Chip $5
1x Commodore 251913-01 C128 C64 Mode Chip $5








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