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When a missing key spring causes all kinds of havoc

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I picked up a really nice looking C64 keyboard about six months ago. It sat unused until a about a week ago when I installed it in my 64Reloaded Mk2 console. I had to bang keys, deal with phantom key-presses, and all sort of nonsense. I took it out thinking I would have to open it up and clean it and grumbled under my breath at the seller.


I took it apart tonight and found it was in really good shape inside. Even so, I cleaned it up with a little distilled water and lint-free cloth. The problems persisted.


I opened it again and noticed the f7 key flopping around. Its spring was missing! I also noticed the return key was really tight and the space bar was really floppy so I swapped those springs.


All done, and I have one perfectly looking and working keyboard, and the world is alright, again.

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