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Atari 600xl 64k memory upgrade methods

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Old ISA graphics cards were good for a while but probably better left now for retro PC building.

Arcade component suppliers should have plenty of them, I'd not pay more than a few bucks per chip at most (though I have a reasonable stash of my own here).

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What about this guy?


Edit: I am sorry, these are not good for the 600xl without major changes. These that I just posted are 1bit RAM (256k), good for changing those MT damaged ram chips, typically found on 800XL and first revision 65XE.  


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On 11/23/2019 at 10:21 PM, hueyjones70 said:

Where is the best source of the xx64 memory chips?

I used to buy them from Jameco, but they no longer list them on their website.

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