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How to remove screen protector on Lynx II?

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I have a Lynx II that has dirt between the screen and the protector, which I'd really like to clean. At first glance, it looks like I'd have to dissemble the entire unit, but I'm hoping that's not the case. Is it possible to remove the screen protector without a complete disassembly?

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Although I've never done so personally with any of my Lynx II's, my understanding is that you can remove the lens from the outside, although it apparently takes some force to do it. Here's a quote from another thread on Atari Age:


According to John
Daniels, "The front screen on the Lynx 2 snaps on and off (easier to snap
on than off though). The transparent area and the area surrounding the
small buttons near the screen is one big piece of plastic. It snaps on
with a lip on the top and bottom edge. ... It takes a pretty sturdy sharp
edge, but once you start it moving, it just pops off and then you can
clean the area between the plastic screen and the LCD."

For cleaning, plain water or cleaning liquid will work fine. It is
recommended that you allow your screen to dry before reassembling the
Lynx, to reduce the danger of damaging the electronics."


Hope this helps.

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I decided to give it a go.


I ended up breaking two clips on the bottom of the system, but I was able to lift it up enough to wipe away all the dirt. It even seems to still sit in place fine after pushing it back down. Not completely solid, but it's not going anywhere unless someone specifically pushes on it. I'd rather have those broken internal clips than all the dirt that was under the plastic, so I consider this a win!

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Was going to say, I've only managed to do this safely by complete disassembling the unit. That way I can push back on the plastic clips from the inside out using something with a large flat end on it.

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