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31 Turbo CD Games on eBay

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More TurboGrafx/PC Engine interesting items on eBay:


Implode, Insanity, Meteor Blaster DX, Mysterious Song, Revival Chase


1992 Hudson Complete CD-ROM2 Music Works

CD "magazines":

Ultra Box Sohkan, Ultra Box 4 Go, Ultra Box 6 Go

Loose discs:

Blood Gear, Efera & Jiliora, Gotzdiener, Solid Force, Summer Carnival '92, Kisou Louga



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New stuff on eBay

JP PC Engine / PC Engine Duo

1. Arcade Card Duo

2. Arcade Card Pro

3. 1 lot of 6 Hyper Catalog discs

4. 3 NEC Ultra Box "magazine" discs

5. PC Engine Memory Base 128 by NEC

6. Loose: Kisou Louga

7. Loose: Solid Force

8. Loose: Efera & Jiliora

Not-so-new stuff on eBay

9. Genesis Arcade Pro 6-button fighting stick

10. iPad 2 16GB silver, hardly used + 2 cases + all packaging

11. N64 lot 4 paks: Tremor, Transfer, Rumble, Shock

12. N64 lot of 2 Jumper Paks

13. NES Honyu Explorer-I arcade stick

14. NES Advantage arcade stick

15. NES QuickShot XII Deluxe trigger stick

16. NES QuickShot Deluxe Joyball controller

17. JP PSX I.Q. (Intelligent Qube)

18. PSX InterAct ProPad

19. JP PSX Uno & Zero Divide 2

20. PS2 Karaoke Revolution w/ mic

21. KR Saturn Virtual On [Korean Import]

22. Sega CD Puggsy

23. Wii Fit balance board, hardly used + all packaging



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Know what brought back memories for me?


That Dinosaur calendar from 1976 that you're selling!


(I don't wish to buy it however (sorry)...


But yeah when I was 8 years old, I loved dinosaurs ...And Christmas morning amidst many presents, there was a dinosaur book...The cover was the same as that calendar and seeing the pics from inside,...Well, they were all in that book!


Thanks for the memories!

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I'm guessing that was my calendar from my childhood

I think I found it when I helped my mom moved last year.

Old calendars work for certain contemporary years, but I don't think this one will align with a current year for quite a long time...




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Just put on eBay 24 more PC Engine CD games, in 20 unique listings.


All are in double-disc jewel cases, but (surprise!) all have just 1 disc per game. They have thick manuals, or double manuals, or maps, etc. etc. that wouldn't fit in a normal jewel case.

Mostly RPGs, a few sims, some other documentation-heavy games.


All discs are in great condition & have been tested on a JP Duo.




Thank you,


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10 more rare-ish PC Engine games on eBay:


Happy to work a forum discount!


Akumajo Dracula X
Championship Rally
Dynastic Hero
Fray CD Xak Gaiden (no manual)
Jim Power
Mahjong Bishoujo Chuushinha w/ unlicensed system card
Seisenshi Denshou
Super Raiden
Syd Mead's Terraforming
Winds of Thunder









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