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The Goons

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I tried the latest version, and it has a nice look and feel overall. I did still occasionally run into cases where I went two levels when I intended to do one. I personally think it's a case where only a real repetition restrainer approach would feel right to me at least. If you are happy with it, I'll stop suggesting it, though. :) If you do want to try again to implement it, I would be happy to make a sample demo that shows it in action if that could be helpful to you, however.

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I decided to go ahead and make the demo. Here's a simple example that has a sprite move left and right normally, and restrained in the up and down directions.





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It is with a sad heart, I would like to let all of the Atari community know that I just found out Ed Riley "winkdot" passed away last October. Ed was a programmer who created at least 7 known Atari 2600 homebrew games: Cows (2015), Alien Pinball (2015), The Deep (2015), Orb (2015), Doom Patrol (2015), Shark Jaws + (2018), and The Goons (2019). Ed helped me to cover two of his titles, The Deep (volume 2) and Doom Patrol (volume 3) for my book series. When I reached out to him for the title Orb, was when I found out about his death from his daughter, Lindsay.


As we never met in person, we had several conversations thru the AtariAge forums and on Facebook. He had plans in 2018 to come to the Houston Arcade Expo and attend my book signing there but, medical issues came up and he had to cancel.


In honor of Ed, I have made a dedication ROM pack of his games and a document contained within the pack with information about him. I know Ed would want as many people to be able to play his games as possible. May you get a perfect score playing your games in Heaven.

Brian Matherne 


Winkdot dedication .zip

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