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Rick Dangerous

Jaguar HSC_SEASON 13_ROUND 12 Bonus Round!

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 13__ROUND 12 Bonus Round!

(Round Over Sunday 2/3/19) ROUND COMPLETE

Troy Aikman NFL Football



Welcome to our one week bonus round! In the lead up to Superbowl 53 we here at the Jaguar HSC have a special challenge for you! Rack up as many points as you can in Troy Aikman football as either the Patriots or the Rams. Round lasts one week and culminates on Super Bowl Sunday.

Troy Aikman NFL Football

Start a one-player pre-season game with artificial turf as the conditions (Just like Atlanta.) Pick either the New England Patriots or (St. Louis) Rams as your team. Pick 5 Minute quarters; difficulty level: Rookie. Play and rack up as many points as you can in one game; take a picture and/or post your final scores here! If the team you play as wins Super Bowl 53, you get an extra 2 points!

If you are not familiar with the Jaguar HSC general rules and how the scoring system works, please visit this thread here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/282235-jaguar-hsc-season-11-rules-regs-and-scoring/ It is recommended that you take a photo of your score, but it is not required. We go on good faith here, so please be honest.. icon_smile.gif

Troy Aikman NFL Football Scores:

1. Darrin9999 70 Points (Rams) (+5)

2. JagChris 41 Points (Rams) (+4)

3. travistouchdown 35 Points (Patriots) (+3, +2)








The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:

1. Darrin9999 79 Points

2. travistouchdown 64 Points

3. Masematte 60 Points

4. Isgoed 26 Points

5. doctor_shred 24 Points

6. Eltigro 22 Points

7. Nuclear Pacman 10 Points

8. PFG 9000 8 Points

9. jblenkle 8 Points

10. Cyrano J 8 Points

11. NIKON 4 Points

12. JagChris 4 Points

13. roadrunner 2 Points





Troy Aikman NFL Football

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I have no idea how to play sports football games. So I managed to fumble my way through this one.


This game is a lot better than the football game I had for my Saturn. That was unplayable. For me anyway.


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This turned into an all-out brawl for the ball at the end as I tried to shut them out and they made a small run.


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Hahahaha! got my ass handed to me by the lions! 28 points


Edit: OOps I played this on difficulty pro!


You can count it if you want for now, I`ll try and get another score in this weekend..


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