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MAME 0.206 Released!

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There are recent sets at archive.org. You don't even have to download the whole archive; you can cherry pick files.

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My Cab is still running .106 :)


On my PC's I stopped updating at mameuifx .175, when mamesick was forced out by haters . Still I'm glad to see the MAME + MESS efforts continue.


Back in the day MAME gave me great enjoyment. Being able to play in effect bit-perfect Phoenix at home in the late 1990's is something for which I'm an eternally grateful to Nicola and the MAME folks back then who made that possible.

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I don't update selectively.. I update haphazardly. :lol: On that note geeze.. my pc has a bunch of mames. A bunch of them are just installers too.. really need to clean it up. Someday.



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Utilizing the latest version, 0.206, when "mame solvalou" is launched, there is a red warning screen that the game does not work.


However, proceeding further is not a problem, machine boots, and game appears to play fine for the few minutes I tried.


Below is a capture of playing in-game under v0.206:



(Click on the screenshot to view with graphic effects properly applied).


Current issue(s) with the game/driver dates prior to at least June 2015, arguably connected to issues since August 2008. Per the notes on the latter link, MAME 0.92 (Circa February 2005), was confirmed for the first level to be playable without crashing. Not sure what version of MAME you're utilizing for Solvalou, but a lot of development has occurred in the last 14 years to overlook or miss out on for one game.


In the former link, the noteworthy issue is polygons (obviously) missing; however, as shown above, it does not seem to be the case as far as I experienced and captured.


So, why not give it a try? Simply setup a separate folder with the latest version, and just copy the "solvalou.zip" archive ROM file from your current installation to the roms folder where v0.206 is placed.

Finally got around to trying this. It's saying that a file in namcoc68 is missing. Apparently I don't have this zip file (I seem to have all the other ones,) and am coming up empty in finding it.


Hang on.. Found it...


Ahh! Now get "Fatal error: IDC Overflow" error message. after playing a minute or two

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