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Ramdisk driver for MyDos4.53/4 and Sys-Check 2 512K RAM

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Following on from http://atariage.com/forums/topic/287691-ramdisk-driver-for-dos-25-and-sys-check-2-512k-ram/


I have tried out various configurations of MyDos and the RamDisk drivers together with a Sys-Check 2 card, and have managed to get it to work as a 512K Ramdisk.


I ended up using MyDos 4.53/4, as this is supported by dir2atr (MyDos 4.55 isn't supported by dir2atr).


I used the MYRD2 ramdisk driver, which is part of MYRD.ARC (written by Lee Barnes).


I've attached a working ATR that should be good for anyone to use with a Sys-Check 2 card (I followed the instructions in the Ramdisk readme, and wrote the Dos files back to disk after booting with the Ramdisk driver).


The files on the disk are:


DOS.SYS, DUP.SYS - MyDos versions

MD.ARC - Compressed Disk Communicator image of MyDos

MYRD.ARC - sources and ramdisk drivers

DISKCOMM3.EXE - disk communicator 3 by Bob Puff

MYRD2.AR0 - the Ramdisk driver that works with SysCheck 2 for 512K Ramdisk

UNARC.COM - super-unarc by Bob Puff


Thanks to all that helped, I got all the files from http://mathyvannisselroy.nl/mydos.htm - I've just combined them into a single ATR for ease of use.


Hope this helps.


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One thing I forgot to mention is that the data in the Ramdrive is preserved after a cold-start - so a run at address E477 or similar won't destroy the contents of the Ramdrive if the MyDos disk is rebooted and the Ramdrive driver reloaded.

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