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Better keyboard scanning?

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Hey, guys.


In PLATOTERM, I've been using KSCAN to do all the keyboard scanning, however, it is missing keys that I would have liked to use for mapping PLATO keys.


I would love to be able to map all the keys mnemonically, as this is what I've done in every other port of PLATOTERM.


e.g. I can't do CTRL-S for SHIFT-STOP, or FCTN-S for STOP, I have to use something like CTRL-0 and FCTN-0 respectively.


Is there a way around this?



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KSCAN in mode 5 should be able to get you control keys just fine... To determine the key code I want to expect, I run this little BASIC program:

10 CALL KEY(5,K,S)
30 GOTO 10

ctrl-s is 147

fctn-s is 8


The value of K...


[email protected]

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