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Yes, there is certainly a lot of room for compacting the code. However, for complex programs such as this one, I like to use the SUB feature because it clearly circumscribes the function of the routine as well as its required parameters, plus it gives me the freedom to use local variables that will not be shared with the main program. You are absolutely correct in the fact that several of the SUB's could be converted to regular subroutines, but at the cost of clarity, at least for me. Perhaps it's an unconscious need for me to inject structure into an otherwise chaotic XB environment :)


As for that repetitive code section you mentioned, I have definitely given it a lot of thought during the development of the program, and while it is of course possible to compact it, this would also have introduced a lot of convolutions since each section is not exactly the same, so here again I opted for clarity.

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This last update does not make any enhancements to the gameplay. It combines the 2 parts of Stratego into one large program that is compiled, thus eliminating the need to save/load data from disk when transitioning between the 2 parts, and in the process reducing the loading delay by a couple of minutes. This is mostly apparent for real hardware users however. Oh and the program now autoloads from XB. The manual has also been updated with the addition of a back cover as well. I think I'm going to officially sign off on this project at this point and call it done. :)

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