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Atari ST PNG/BMP/JPG to Atari ST graphics

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I don't know if this question has been asked before, but here goes,


I was wondering if there was a image converter that would convert PNGs, BMPs, ad JPGs into Atari ST graphics, similar to RastaConverter or Buckshot (Buckshot converts PNG/BMP to Apple 2 graphics)


I'd ask the same for Atari Jaguar and Lynx, but I believe Jaguar has 256 colors, (though I could be wrong) and the same could be said for Lynx, but a a much lower resolution (though there's a chance it is either 128 colors or lower)

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XN-View has something called N-Convert which I think is what you need (this is kind of separate to the main program), there is also an Atari ST version, unbelievably, if you look hard enough. When you say Atari ST graphics I presume you mean 16 colour PI1 or NEO formats, as programs like Imagecopy on the Atari could view most image formats. Anything you use will need to dither the images down to 16 colours or less, so the less colours the original image uses the better really.

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