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Skunkboard Proto on EBay

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Just in case anyone is looking at this odd auction:




That is not a rev 2. That is a Rev 1 that I put into a shell a long time ago. That means it's only got 4MB flash and not 8MB like the rev 2 and 3. I can't remember if there are any other modifications, but unless the flash chip was updated it can't run the Rev 2 BIOS. We'd need to see the output of the serial number command.


That was one of the first off the line, but I'm pretty sure the hot glue removes any value to that. Also, I sold it for less than $60, IIRC.


Just saying in case the seller is here.

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seriously, there is an ever-growing list of eBay sellers that I would love to be blown by a prevailing head-wind into a wood chipper...sigh.



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