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Mike Harris

New direction for my game

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It has come along since I started at the beginning of December last year.

I am impressed with myself that I have accomplished so much when Assembly Language is one of the more harder languages to figure out and I could not have done this without your help. Especially Tony at Electric Adventures.



In any case, I have not quit but in my own hubris I thought Coleco, being a superior machine coming after the 2600, could do anything a 2600 could. Why not if it was more powerful.


Well, despite better this, that and the other... Coleco does not have the same color scheme. Also, the 2600 displays graphics 100x differently.


So, my port will be slightly different in color. Then the drawings, then the patterns...


Well the end result is that I am now calling this a Super Game that will be a port but have more.


Most everything is done already aside from some bugs and color changes. But if it is going to be a super game then I have to make it super and not just a color change. After all, I am not George Lucas looking for a quick buck. Noooooooooooooooooooo

In any case, I have been able to execute it on a real ADAM thanks to the VDD and an extra ADAM I have so it is back to work.


So far 60 rooms and still under 14k which leaves more for improvement.

I do ask anyone out the with example collision code in Assembly which creates a barrier between a Sprite and background pattern that they would not mind sharing. The code I am using still has some offset bugs that I just can't get working on a real ADAM.

Also, if anyone has examples of how to set up objects.
Apparently Coleco had objects outside of Sprites that are slower.
Hey, lets see how much I can cram into this.

The rom is going to be free once it is done and it has always been a learning experience for me.


Thanks for reading my rant.

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Do you have a screen shot. Atari 2600 is an amazing machine. I was so impressed with the colour ability of it even as a kid.


You can still do some pretty good vertical colour cycling with coleco and you can use patterns to smooth that out a bit.


Sounds interesting.

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