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Dual joystick Atari games?

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I couldn't find a thread specifically about this, please pardon me if there is one.

Pictured is a MiniVex II, a controller I've been producing for the Vectrex. Been considering a compact twin stick unit, like this one, that's compatible with both Atari 2600 / VCS and the 7800.

Thus far I know of Raiders of the Lost Ark and Stargate for the 2600, and Robotron for the 7800, but that's all...can someone list other original release and homebrew titles for both of these systems that use dual sticks? Much appreciated.



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Spyhunter, but one of them is rotated so the buttons are oriented correctly. There was a molded plastic holder that you put the sticks in.

One or more of the other adventure games as well. Maybe Riddle of the Sphinx and Dragonstomper?

Plus of course...


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Radar Lock, Star Voyager, and Video Life offer two joystick control.

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