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Versions of Lode Runner's Rescue and Trains that work on Atarimax?

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Hi there,


Probably a long shot, but do any of you all have versions of either Lode Runner's Rescue or Trains that will work on a Atarimax cart? The ATRs of Trains lock up right before loading the first level, and Lode Runner's Rescue is actually a Multi Disk game.




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No one has bothered in all the time the carts have been out, its not a great sign that someone will now try...Multi disc game is LOTS of work..


But, you never know with these guys...


Best of luck




@anyone, what is the way a game gets data back off a cart when it would load sectors off a disk,l does it swap banks and just read it like a rom as data at addresses or is there a different way, never played with that sort of stuff?

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did hias make a diskwriter that emulates several drive on the atarimax cart


try DISKcart and DiskWriter by Matthias Reichl? (HIASSOFT)


maybe it will do your multidisk if it understands multi drives...


there were some other options at one time explained and bits and pieces provided on the atarimax forums for this sort of stuff, it's prolly buried there somewhere..

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