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Rick Dangerous

Jaguar HSC_SEASON 13_Wrap-up, Winners, and Prizes!

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Jaguar HSC__SEASON 13__Season Complete!


Thanks for a great season everyone! We had a total of 13 rounds including one bonus round, with a total of 343 points scored between us!

The Winners Circle:

1st Place: Darrin9999 with an impressive 89 points scored. Darrin please let me know what you would like from the AA store for your grand prize.

2nd Place: Travistouchdown: What can I say, I had to play every round i'm administering this HSC! LOL

3rd Place: Masematte: Perennial winner and Jag high score wizard Masematte. Congrats sir! Let me know what you'd like from the AA store for your bronze medal win.

I will post prizes people pick in the days ahead for interests sake as well as a new thread with poll questions RE your thoughts on Season 13 and what could be better for Season 14 ahead. Season 14 will be planned to start March 1st 2019. Two weeks is a quick turnaround, but who doesn't want more HSC? Thanks again to all participants this season, and already looking forward to the next!

Final Scores:

The Current Jaguar HSC Rankings:

1. Darrin9999 89 Points
2. travistouchdown 72 Points
3. Masematte 60 Points
4. Isgoed 26 Points
5. doctor_shred 24 Points
6. Eltigro 22 Points

7. jblenkle 14 Points
8. Nuclear Pacman 10 Points
9. PFG 9000 8 Points
10. Cyrano J 8 Points
11. NIKON 4 Points
12. JagChris 4 Points
13. roadrunner 2 Points

Edited by travistouchdown
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comgrats to Darrin9999 and travistouchdown , youre great, sorry guys but this HSC there was to much games, that i dent owned , but hey third place is good .


see you next round

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