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Are there any DIY plans for SIO to IDE or SATA?

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This is for a special project:


I'm looking for DIY PLANS or an easily obtained product to provide SIO to IDE interface.


Before suggesting alternatives.... note I have a special application in mind:

I would like to install a spare IDE/SATA hard drive inside the 810, ideally keeping the 810 exterior looking stock, and "heavy". I have an otherwise-useless 64GB SATA SSD drive I could recycle.


The 810 is currently dead, in storage... (powers on)

IF I'm able to justify the desktop space by bringing the 810 out and have it "working" as a HD, I might consider fixing the floppy at a later date (if there's space to co-exist with a hard drive)


If no such thing exists and plans have bit-rotted off the net (or use unavailable BOM parts, etc) then I would consider SIO2SD, but that kind of spoils things for me (I'd like to keep the 810 internals inside for the "heavy" effect. Although I could rip out the internals and substitute a brick :-) which would make me consider mounting an SIO2SD just behind the floppy window.


But really, my preference is IDE (with an SATA adapter) and leaving myself the possibility \ of someday repairing the floppy portion, and having both..

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The website AFS.atari.org (AFS=Atari Fan Store) gives Norton Antivirus indigestion. It screams at me if I attempt to go to that site. Is there another location where this device is sold or plans are made available?

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Hello guys


Here's the Polish site with all the information. Google will gladly translate it for you.





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Between 2008 and 2012 I have been using sio2ide 3.3a a lot. I liked it better than the newer sio2ide.


Big downsides are though that it can not create new are files so you have to add them to your hd or cf card with pc.

The other is that files can absolutely not be fragmented otherwise they will not be seen by sio2ide.


Besides these two points it is a very nice and stable system. Wrote some tools for it back then. Will have to look for those though....

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