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rca studio 2 inc tag, 7800, 2600, games odyssey 2 overlays, vectrex

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I'll get the pictures up in a few minutes prices do not include shipping
studio 2

Tag speedway CIB 90

odyssey 2,

all I have is 2 overlays for quest for the rings left, a good overlay with a little chip in 1 corner 5, a perfect overlay 10

adventure sears cart only 10
3d tic tac toe, atari corp and atari corp manual 15


dig dug 8, 2 available

pole position 5



realsports baseball sealed 10

Robotron 2084 cib 15

tower toppler cib 10

asteroids cib 10


vectrex controller, the stick doesn't return well on the horizontal, 60


I also have a box of 23 tandy color computer carts, most are games, I'll get a list soon, 100 for the box




space war cib10
school house fun 2 cib 5
number fun 5

math fun 5

all remaining games except speedway for 20

moon ship gunfighter cart only 20
working system in a beaten up box with ac, rf, and manual 50, missing the top half of the sytrofoam insert
starter set, 2 controllers (black detachable), ac adapter, I replaced the proprietary cable with a normal video cable, cart only kc krazy chase, cosmic conflict and UFO included, includes rough box and system manual 40 dollars (on hold)
power lords cart only 75
demon attack cart only 25
keyboard creations with manual 10
quest for the rings, missing 1 castle token, 1 dragon token, 1 ring and the player token, other wise complete 25
the great wall street fortune hunt missing half the tiles, but has everything else 25
conquest of the world, complete... I think has like a billion little pieces and I don't feel like counting out each one 40
CIB games, 3 dollars unless noted
monkey shines 5
out of this world 5 (on hold)
I've got your number 5
freedom fighters 5
k c munchkin 5
volleyball 5
alpine skiing 5
take all remaining odyssey 2 games (includes board game games, but not the extra rings overlays) for 120 plus shipping
working channel f, 80
channel f carts 1 (x2),2,3,4,9(on hold),13 , all CIB 8 each (1 copy of 1 and 2 sold)

take all 4 remaining games for 25

brain games atari corp and atari corp manual 15

tapper cart only 25

take all 2600 games below for 25
imagic 1 dollar each
trick shot x2
star voyager x3
demon attack
fire fighter
riddle of the sphinks
cosmic ark
atari picture label 50 cents unless noted
missile command
jungle hunt
haunted house
sky diver
video pinball
pac man
basket ball
rs baseball
dark chambers 3
solaris 3
secret quest 3
raiders of the lost ark 2
street racer
joust 3
sears text unless noted, 50 cents
space invaders
black jack
yar's revenge picture 3
atari text label 50 cents unless noted
air sea battle x2
sky diver
super man 3
street racer
basket ball
flag capture
hunt n score
night driver
home run

yellow star ship big letters 3

sega 2 each
buck rogers
congo bongo

fantastic voyage 5
mega force 2
turmoil 3

data age encounter at l 5, 2
activision 1 each
pitfall, stampede, megamania

parker bros 1
frogger, q bert

I have a bunch of more commons I need to sort out, they'll be between 50 cents and 3 dollars

7800 xenephobe 20




















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Cool Power lords cart!


just fyi, I don't think folks here would consider those 2600 games rare.

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Cool Power lords cart!


just fyi, I don't think folks here would consider those 2600 games rare.

no, no, I consider combat to be quite rare. I definitely wasn't referring to the tag/speedway or power lords

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