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*** SOLD *** CUBASE Atari.

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*** SOLD *** Cubase Atari.
I sell this set with dongle for Cubase v3.1 (1 Mby RAM minimum supported) and Cubase Score v2.0r7 (at least 2 Mby of RAM).
It works on all Atari ST, STacy, Mega ST, Mega STe, TT and Falcon.
The set contains:
- Red dongle.
- Manual of Cubase v3 printed in the language of choice between Spanish, German, English or French.
- Four diskettes with software Cubase Score version 2.0r7, the last one published for Atari.
- Three diskettes with Cubase 3.1 software.
- DVD with all Cubase versions, manuals in PDF format in English, German and French, and a collection of music programs with manuals (for example Band in a Box, synthesizer editors, sample editors, etc.).
Cubase Score basic description:
. 128 tracks MIDI sequencer.
. Includes Load and Save in midifile format (.MID).
. Complete score editor.
. MIDI events editor.
. Drum set editor.
. MIDI synthesizer editor (SyEx).
. Integrated additional modules:
Arpeggiator, General MIDI Menu and SysEx Editor.
. Possibility to use external modules:
Studio Module, Cue Trax and Style Trax (included in the DVD and also their respective manuals).
Enjoy making music with your Atari computer with maximum reliability.
Price: € *** with shipping included in the EU.
atarieterno (at )hotmail (dot) com





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