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TI99/4A PAL model + component video and OSSC ?

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Has someone try TI99/4A Euro model with component cable and OSSC ?


There has been lot problems with Pal model and composite cable. Usually it doesn’t work. Mostly it works with TI own monitor.


Has anyone try with OSSC? Does it understand component signal that TI99 feed out?


I like to try when get OSSC to my hands but problem is that can’t find component cable sale anywhere...





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with my TI99 i tried to connect to various monitor/TV in component using the cable.

my experience is that often Samsung brand is not compatible with the TI99 signal, always had problems.

instead i used a chinese general brand and a Relisys brand and oth works, also Sony trinitron 50" worked for me.

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I tested yesterday PAL TI99 connected with self made YPrPb-cable to OSSC (firmware 0.82). It works fine with my TV (lg). OSSC show that TI outputs something like 15.x kHz and 50.y Hz. I do not remember rest of the information, but can check later. First I thought what was wrong with the colors, but then I realized that automatic input selector chose RGB instead of YPrPb. This is not really problem. It is possible change manually or even save YPrPb as default input to profile.


Picture was excellent, the best I have seen with TI. ...and without any adjustments TI invaders worked great.


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