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Converting data on tape to digital data

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Is there a way to convert data saved on a tape to digital data? Specifically, getting the data from a tape image normally loaded using the MiniMem EasyBug L command. Part of the problem is not knowing where in memory that data is being loaded ...

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Win994a stores tapes as .bin type with a simple header... open a .TITape file with a hex editor. When desperate I use this method to transfer from MINIMEM to my FG99... Oddly enough I would normally use your transfer utility from the miscellaneous disk to move such a file from MAME to Win994a... but to do this you need to know the load address!

Minimem's S and L options use: Memory Image(Program file) Format... from assy one could write a short program to define a PAB and access the cassette DSR than examine from VDP buffer or transfer to CPU RAM...

You could easily butcher my CS14EVER program to do this...





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I fooled around with this and got it to load the LINES program to >1100 in VDP RAM.

Observed from the V option in EASYBUG.






EDIT: Had forgotten to update the filenames. :|


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I noticed the use of EASYBUG's V option really doesn't work for reading this... I don't know why it seemed to work on the emu last night...

anyway I figured this out a little better...

This loads the tape data to v>1100...then copies the data to c>B000... then copies the first 768 bytes to the screen table...

QUIT... and use EASYBUG's "M" option to view c>B000...

tapes made by EASYBUG's "S" option have the load address as the first word... and the image length as the second word... followed by the image data. :)



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