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Apple II+ with clone Saturn RAM card that causes bad video

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I recently got an Apple II+ with a clone of the Saturn 128 memory card installed. I have it connected via composite video out to a modern LCD TV. With the memory card installed, there is a lot of red and blue color bleed around text on the screen, and a bunch of vertical blue dashed lines that are continually pulsating. Without the memory card, the text is crystal clear. Interestingly, whenever I load a program on disk, the bad text and vertical lines clear up while the disk drive is running, then come back.





Good (while disk is running):



Is there any way to fix this? Should I find an official Apple 64k upgrade card and replace the clone Saturn card? Do I even need a memory upgrade? Im guessing yes because a lot of the games Id want to play probably require 64k.

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Something is causing the color killer to not engage properly. The older revision of Apple II board you have, the worse this usually is...

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