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Fairchild Channel F Power Supply Needed

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Purchased a Fairchild Channel F model 1 and the power supply brick was busted open. Wires were ripped out of the transformer and is beyond repair unfortunately. If anyone has an extra power supply laying around or one from a parts console, please message me. I would like to purchase a used power supply.

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Are you looking to use it or is it important from a collector's perspective to get an original?
It's not a super common machine, you may need to purchase another system just to get the psu...
I saw some web shop selling new ones but I'm guessing you don't want to pay too much for one? Can't find it now - it was some time ago...


How about putting a new transformer in the brick (is it the small or the large one?) - are you comfortable with that?

You could run it off DC as well, there are rectifiers in the console and then capacitor with regulator(s).
10VDC on the 5V line and 17V on the 12V line should be good enough with some margin - you could use a higher voltage, like a 19V laptop PSU but the regulators will run hotter - the 5V will be hottest as it has more energy to dissipate.
Those two DC values will keep the regulator cooler than the originals though.

The Luxor version runs 9VAC and 15VAC, these have top voltage at about 12.7 and 21V - with the large capacitors the voltage will be held pretty near those values - so they run pretty hot on the original supply.
I guess there's some margin for power fluctuations on the main grid. ;-)


Feeding 5V and 12V directly to the circuitry inside is another possibility.




You only need about 0.2A 15VAC and 1.5A 9VAC.
But something LIKE this would work:

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Oh, yet another of those 15/16V AC 0.2A + 9V AC 1.5A systems! They're so plentiful once you start looking around that it must've been common practise back then to have those dual voltage transformers where the lower voltage produces most amps and the higher voltage only has a small output.

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Should one find an old 12V, 5V supply they can probably be modified to mentioned AC by removing the internal rectifiers and regulators.

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