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GR7 in Photoshop. Non Programmer, but Artist asking.

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Be gentle....venturing out from the the safety 8BIt HSC forum ;-)


I'm working on the graphics for a game we are planning. I don't mind using AGS or MadSudio but I do like the drawing tools available and in Photoshop.


So I was wondering (if its possible) to draw in Photoshop and take the save product across into MadStudio and after which I can pass the code onto the programming department (TRBB).


Anyone know what settings PS should be set up with to achieve this ?


Cheers for now,



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Basically there is no real tool supporting "Graphics 7" . For Photoshop the setting is not so problematic, as the pixels were 1/1 in the aspect ratio.

4 colors with 160x96 or up to 160x120 is in the range of settings. But, much more possibilities for adding colors is given than in higher resolution modes.

For the colors, a 128 color palette is needed. Most available palettes use 256 colors.

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A path that seems to work for me, so far.


Load an image image into PhotoDemon or Photoshop

Export as BMP in 8bit

Load in AGS

Save as GR7

Load MadStudio

Generate assembler code.








Next basic colour taming :-)



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There's other ways.


You can save as raw data then use a directive in the source such as INS 'filename' in MADS - IMO it's a bit pointless assembling asset data from source that you'd never actually go into and edit.

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