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Where to get "new" cart shells?

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Hi, I am making a few eprom based coleco carts, but lack empty shells. Any idea if somebody is selling them? I could buy old carts and throw away the pcb, but nowadays on ebay even the most common games are somewhat expensive for this purpose.



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Good luck. It's very difficult finding new, regular sized/styled Coleco cart shells, unfortunately. This is probably due to some assholes counterfeiting homebrews a couple years back, so I doubt CollectorVision will come off any. You might get lucky and score some regular, black ones somewhere, but as far as any colored or translucent shells , forget it. I just dealt with this recently myself.. I simply wanted to rehouse my ultimate SD cart in a translucent shell and had a helluva time tracking a couple down. Pkk's shells wouldn't work for my particular project but they might work for whatever you're trying to do. Good luck! :)

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