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Looking for help to service an Atari 1010

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Im trying to fix the stuff I already have to save some money instead of paying for new things. Im looking for someone to service my Atari 1010 player. IE change the bands, clean the head etc. Id pay for shipping, pay for the bands and whatever else youd need and the agreed upon price for your services. Its the Sanyo version if that matters. Thank you ahead of time.

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I'd hate to think of what shipping both ways would look compared to buying another 1010, on the other hand, the devil you know is preferable to the devil you don't, and any drive you get is going to be of questionable service.


If you are still game to have the machine serviced, I'm game to do it.  You will have to include a tape or two, good ones, with the drive for me to test.  If you have a good original to test with, that would be good too.  The tape speed is important and the best way to assure it is right is to read a tape written on a good drive.  So any software on tape from Atari would be fine.


Changing the bands on the drive is not all that difficult, but if you aren't comfortable taking the drive apart, feel free to send it my way and I'll do it for the cost of parts and shipping back to you.


It will be fun to play with a tape deck again.  My first storage device ever was a 1010.  They never did work very well, Atari tape drives, so don't expect it to read perfectly every time.  They never did.  The successful load of a longer-than-4k program on the Atari from tape is maybe 1 try in 4.


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