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Toaster NES with expansion audio for Everdrive/Famicom carts

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I've got a front-loading NES with a 47 kOhm resistor mod for external audio that I no longer need, since my AVS is inbound. Asking $60 shipped in the USA.


Comes with original power supply, RF adapter, composite cable with audio Y adapter, controller, zapper, and Mario/Duck Hunt cart with Nintendo sleeve.


For those who aren't aware of the mod, you connect pins 3 and 9 of the expansion port with a 47 kOhm resistor. This connects the line for Famicom expansion audio, and it also enables expansion audio coming from an Everdrive N8. So with games like Akumajou Densetsu (Castlevania III) you get the whole audio score, not the dumbed-down NES audio. Here's an article that explains the mod: http://www.retrofixes.com/2014/05/open-hidden-sound-channels-in-nes.html


You can see up-close the work I did in the photos, and then a photo of all you get attached to the post. I've also got it on eBay but I'll cut Atari Age members a deal by including shipping. If you buy through eBay you're paying for shipping, and so this would probably save you 12-15 bucks and help me avoid eBay fees.


Please don't message me about AA stuff on eBay since they have a strict rule about selling outside of the service. I'll ignore those messages and delete them, because I don't want to get banned there. I got nailed for selling SNES games locally when the guy messaged me through eBay and I can't let that happen again. Thanks for understanding.




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No problems with reading carts. That Super Mario cart went in on the first try, and it had been reading my Everdrive N8 with nary a problem, too. It's the OEM cart connector which I boiled it in distilled water about 3 months ago. It works great. Makes a satisfyingly snug connection on the cart without being a death grip. I used distilled water because we have a lot of lime in the tap, even run through a charcoal filter, and I didn't want any deposits.

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