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Aftermarket controller that works on the Flashback 9

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I found this controller on eBay retrogameboyz recently while searching for a controller to play asteroids type games on my 2600. It has a fire button and a second button for “joystick up” (thrust on asteroids).


I tried it on my FB9 and discovered pressing “up” and “down” simultaneously gets me back to menu. Pressing “left” and “right” simultaneously gets rewind.


This is a great controller for asteroids, galaxian, atlantis, frogger type games. Not so great for pac-man.


I have been using my suncom slikstick for pac-man. Press joystick down and select on fb9 console to get back to menu. This works most of the time. When this doesn’t work you have to Atari Like Its 1979 and turn the console off and on to choose another game.


Both of my wico command control sticks work fine on the fb9 also.




Retrogameboyz also make a controller for the 7800 with both fire buttons I may try next.


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I had, briefly, a Flashback 8 HD which wouldn't take input from Sega Genesis joypads. It wouldn't take input from its own wireless controllers either, which meant that it quickly found its way into the trash.


Interesting how they mapped those buttons. Kind of makes sense, considering that there would be no way to push left and right, or up and down, together under normal circumstances. Potentially you could make a six button joystick for the Atari using a DB-9 connector, and without oscillating the voltage or other such tricks. I wonder if the Flashback 8 worked on a similar principle?

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