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Altirra tablet support

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I am interested in pixel art and I am investigating different tools to produce it.

Unfortunately I do not own a tablet.

I discovered Atari programs using a tablet can be operated with a mouse in Altirra*.

I have, however, a problem. I was testing with the Atari Artist ROM archived at atarimania (http://www.atarimania.com/utility-atari-400-800-xl-xe-atariartist_s13326.html)

When capturing the mouse for Tablet emulation, it displays the high-res cursor displaced down and left from the XY position of the stylus.


How do I fix this?


*I followed the following procedure:

1. Input > Input Mappings...

2. Click Add... call it "Mouse -> Atari Tablet" or similar

3. Highlight your new mapping, Click Edit...

4. Add Controller... , choose Tablet (Atari touch tablet), OK

5. Axis 1 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos X (pad)

6. Axis 2 -> Edit... , Source : Mouse Pos Y (pad)

7. The Stylus button was a button on the pen. It draws when the stylus is DOWN, and toggles the tool screen when stylus is UP.

I mapped the buttons on the pen & tablet as follows:

Stylus button -> Mouse LMB
Left tablet button -> Mouse X1B
Right tablet button -> Mouse X2B
Raise stylus -> Mouse RMB

Press MMB to un-capture mouse from the emulation window.

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Currently, you can't fix this. The mapping of the display to the emulated touch tablet is a bit of fiction to provide a place for the mouse to map to the tablet.


The real life tablet is a separate device that isn't connected to the screen, so where the stylus is pressed doesn't relate. A light pen/gun is needed for that kind of coordination, which is a different kind of device meant to be used on the screen that isn't compatible with the tablet. I suppose some calibration might allow the mouse pointer location to match where the program places its cursor based on the tablet input, but it would need to be different for each program and it still wouldn't be faithful to the way the original device worked.

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