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Lotharek’s SIO2PC-USB vs DIY with a XF551 drive

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I was about to order a FTDI based USBSerial converter to make my own SIOPC connection until I saw the price of a SIO cable on eBay. Yikes, they arent cheap! It made me ask again should I build or should I buy. Lotharek offers a SIO2PC-USB adapter for about $18 + S&H. It looks appealing even if shipping doubles the cost to $36. No cables to cut and no time spent hacking away at cables. Just plug in and go.


My only requirement for a SIO2PC-USB adapter is that it can work in tandem with my XF551 drive and RespeQt.


With that requirement in mind am I still better off cobbling a DIY solution or will the Lotharek device end my paralysis-by-analysis and get me moving forward?


Thanks! :)


P.S. Are there modern connectors that match the physical dimensions of the Atari SIO connector?

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If you don't have a cable to hack, Lotharek is probably the easier and faster way. He also sells newly made connectors. I think there are 3D print files for the connectors, but that means a lot more fiddling as you'll need to get the contacts in there as well.

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36 vs 59 if you want to use the XF in high speed mode or use the xf to create or rip disks with something like ape or the pro system to create real disks or atr's atx's...

something to think about. AtariMax's sio2pc usb version not only handles that but you can also get them with two sio ports so the sio daisy chain does not dead end. Just something to look at and consider... If you get one, you will have to get APE as well...


40 dollars and respeqt is the cheaper route, but you don't get a full fledged printer emulation like ape or the great R: internet modem.... APE is really polished.


Full disclosure.... I use both... each has it's area of sweet happiness... respeqt does have a better pc mirror solution called pclink.... but currently respeqt is crashing on both kyle's and my computer during larger hard drive back ups.... something has broken in either windows or the last couple revisions of respeqt.....

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