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Atari800MacX R: to Internet?

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I can't seem to connect to a BBS using Atari800MacX 5.0.1 on MacOS 10.14.3, though I think I have everything configured right.


Atari800MacX Settings:

R: patch enabled

R: path port 8888 (incoming, so doesn't matter I think)


Load 850 handler via outrun.sys (not sure if this step required)

Run terminal software

Issue ATDI site.address port (ATDI per the Atari800MacX instructions - ATDT doesn't work either)


but I'm getting nothing back


What am I doing wrong?



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Loading the 850 handler might override the one patched in by the emulator. Have you tried skipping that?


Also, even before attempting to 'dial' out - at a minimum, you should get an "OK" response when typing AT then return in ASCII mode.


In ATASCII mode it would be AT followed by control-J or control-M...

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