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2600's X-RATED distinction?

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Is the 2600 the only home video game console in history to offer adult games? I'm only referring to commercially available games, and not other sources, like homebrews. Thanks.

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3D0 had some adult titles (you can barely call them games). I'm sure a number of consoles had adult games in Japan (SEGA Saturn yellow and extra saucy RED LABEL) games come to mind.

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The Atari Jaguar had American Hero!




I think Atari blew their remaining budget on trying to make this CD choose your own adventure style movie. Though the game was never completed, all the movie content was filmed. And in the sex scenes the money was well spent I'll give it that.


Speaking of the Atari Jaguar, a few months ago the Atari 2600 adult games were compiled into two game packs with men and women variants. VirtualVCS is an Atari 2600 emulator for the Jaguar that is FAR from complete, nevertheless, there is some amount of functionality and the adult games all at least displayed. :o And Western Ho and General Re-Treat were the most playable.


(Yep, VirtualVCS can't play like 96% of the 2600 titles, and no hit detection, but we can play Custer's Revenge on the Jaguar.


Go figure....). :P

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On CDi also

Loving for a Lifetime


The Joy of Sex


on PC:

Lula Virtual Babe

Lula The sexy Empire

Lula Flipper

Lula Wet Attack The Empire cums back

Lula 3D feat. Bouncin' Boobs

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