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Suncom TAC-3 Joystick variations question

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I've owned a few of these. Still have my original from the early 80s.


I used to dislike the overall feel because to me they felt a little cheap.


But after decades of service, and owning several, they sure as hell aren't "cheap". The ergonomics are a bit wonky, and the "feel" is a little off .... but they are ultra reliable (never had to take one apart for maintenance), and they are very accurate. The colors aesthetically match the XE series too; just a minor bonus for me. Now, for better or worse, I'm just used to them, as it's been my standby/go-to if other sticks were down for maintenance. Now it's just my main stick.


Was looking at picking a few more up and noticed the ones I have (and have had) all have a depression on the underside and two screws on the joystick side. Most of the ones for sale have no bottom depression and have an additional screw holding on the joystick casing.


Any comments, thoughts, or other insights on which variation is better? Should I go out of my way to stick with the variation I'm used to or is the other variation superior in some way.



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Tac 2 is the best from the Tac series.


I personally think asthetically it looks more Commodore like than Atari,

(Sorry for for saying the C word) but that's just my take on this.


Colour scheme is good however...

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Every type of Suncom controller I've used has been excellent.


I also like the fact that their switches last a lot longer than more of their competitors.

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