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White Case 2600 Jr. Found....

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National Videogame Museum in Frisco, TX is wondering about a white case 2600 that was found and is being displayed. Since the 2600 jr. was in a black case, this has to be a proto. They are looking for info on it.




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Is there any information on the bottom of the case? That would be the first place to look for a label (either prototype or production).


I would also be curious as to how it arrived at the museum -- was it donated directly by an ex-Atari staffer or did someone find it at a garage sale? Provenance is important with documenting objects.


Lastly, what board revision is inside the case, and what are the dates on the chips? This would give at least an approximate date for when it was created.

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Injection mold test shots were often done with whatever plastic was available. It's also possible to pour a silicon mold and do a urethane casting. (Actually, the pouring is easy, cutting the mold parting line is tricky.)

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