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Mame 0.207 and SEGA Saturn

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I am trying to get the Sega Saturn to work on Mame. I have a working ISO image that I tested in SSF and Yabause and it works, but I always get the message "Unsuitable disk" or something when I start with MAME. The emulation starts, so I don't think it's a Bios issue. As anyone got it to work?



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I have gotten it to work.

My guess as to what is happening to you is your disk image is incompatible with Mame, Mame like cue + bin and .chd format games and maybe some others but those 2 I know for certain work. SSF and Yabause are more forgiving of the disk images being not so good. Mednafen and Mame are much pickier over the disk image quality.

It also could be the game itself is not working in Mame, I prefer to use Mednafen myself, either the stand alone version or the Retroarch core, it has great compatibility.

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